Artist Dacc E Dukjan /August 1981
Based Yorkshire, originally from Latvia. I create highly spontaneous and expressive art, using mixed media and different types of
materials. My practice predominantly focuses on painting.I am self-taught and draw my
inspiration from human relationships and our everyday struggles with inner demons, emotional turmoil and the melancholic meaning of time and space. There is no concept of what the results will be whilst doing my art. I do not analyse, don’t have 
expectations ,don’t feel that I have to prove anything. I am unafraid! I only feel freedom! And  I believe this is what makes me the artist that I am, being so connected, to my life.
“Art is just reflection of what is in my mind, in my art the face is not important, but the eyes , all  hidden behind the eyes ...“

My art on Exhibitions:

  •  Reserved place for my participation in Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre Paris, october 2022. 

  • ING Discerning Eye Annual exhibition 2020 /Mall gallery 

Selected Artwork ‘ Jealousy‘ / Mall gallery launched exhibition 
  • CANVAS International Art Fair 2021 - "MIXING IDENTITIES!" London

Organised from well known ITSLIQUID GROUP ( Italia) , 3 of my works selected, London at  from April 15 to May 14, 2021 
  •  'The Story of Isolation' 

SHARP Gallery , one of 5 artist  exploring the theme through the work . October 2020 
  • "English Riviera Summer Open 2020"

 03 August - 28 September 
works exhibited “ Night1 “ 
Artizan Collective CIC with  annual Summer Open Exhibition on Fleet Walk. 
Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius St, Torquay
  • Online project “My own Lockdown gallery experience”

01 July 2020 
made to "Haus_a_rest Zine and Ins - Issue 3 - The Exhibition issue"
  • “Stand Up ! “
     Artcore gallery launched “Stand Up!“ exhibition 

08 March - 28 August 2020 
works exhibited: 
“Illusion of the Freedom  “
“Dancer life“
“ Right woman “
Artcore Gallery ‪ 
  • Artwork “ Night “ featured in August edition of Art Hole Magazine

The magazine published on the 10th August 2020
Art Hole contemporary art magazine for emerging artists both national and international.
  • After Illusion | Issue #1 -
    published on Jun 30,2020

The Submitters 
  • "Art of caring"

Online exhibitions over May 2020
 the Art of Caring support for Nurses, Midwives, Carers, and NHS

Sold !

Portrait of a Man 2021
original art, charcoal/ paper/ coffee 
Mother 2021
original art, charcoal/ paper/ wine
Critiqued 2021
original art, charcoal , pastel


Sold !
Night 1 
original art, oil /acrylic/ fabric  canvas/acrylic 75 cm x 90 cm 
Whispers 2020
If I died today would you be satisfied with the last conversation we had ? / original art /acrylic on linen canvas / 50cm x 70cm/


'Becoming one flesh '
16in x 20in , original art/charcoal,paper & wine

This could be TWO people with one vision... becoming one flesh with one life and as one soul .... it could also show... just one person who... dreams of being with another soul 


 ' Empty nest ' male 2021
art medium made of natural materials charcoal/paper /coffee


 ' Empty nest '
composition of 3 works 2021
art medium made of natural materials charcoal/paper /coffee


My apologies  2020

In between dreams and reality  2020
Original art 70 cm x 50 cm Acrylic / oil /linen canvas 


Remembering death with love 2020
Original art 70 cm x 50 cm Acrylic / oil /linen canvas 


One of millions 2020

Original art 52 cm x 48cm Acrylic / linen canvas 




original ar / canvas/acrylic/ oil  50cmx46cm



....  "ideal beauty" &
stereotypes about the elderly , they are generally learned and internalized when we are young....  
original ar / canvas/acrylic/ oil  50cmx46cm
£ 560

Illusions of the freedom 


Do you feel like you are free?
original ar / canvas/acrylic/ oil  50cmx46cm



Night 2

original art, oil /acrylic fabric  canvas/acrylic 75 cm x 90 cm 

Past times

original art, ink / paper  30 cm x 35 cm 

 When nothing left 'or 'Moving past the feeling' 

original art/acrylic /fabric  canvas 1 m x 1m

£ 1200

Right woman 

Never grumbles or fusses, she know a woman's place in her home That's right woman ? 
original art, oil /acrylic/ fabric  canvas  52 cm x 48 cm 

Sold ! She

Original art / ink / paper 25cm x 35cm 

£ 160


original art/ oil /acrylic/ fabric  canvas  75 cm x 62 cm 

& ... 

 "and," both in and outside of mathematics
 Like a dark alleyway, a thought may appear when turning one corner and can be unexpected,  and  alarming, and at times -  paralysing.
we cannot control when thoughts enter our minds or what thoughts they may be. 


/one of the largest of my works /
original art/ oil /acrylic/ fabric  canvas  1,50m x 1,35m